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Most cosmetic surgery processes require a recovery period. Depending on the invasiveness of the process, the recovery period can vary from a few days to weeks and even months.

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The best situation is to guarantee the patient the best possible conditions, since this is one of the processes that causes the greatest discomfort to the patient. Calm, good conditions and little stress are minimal details that the patient needs to have, along with the possibility of being near the clinic.

Our suggestion.

At Zion Plastic Surgery we have an optional five-star recovery program, which you can access by inquiring about the recovery options available at the time of your consultation.

Seven important Tips to help your recovery process run safely.

1- Avoid exercise and intense or excessive movements: Follow the instructions of your doctor exactly. Intense physical exercise can delay healing by opening sutures and incisions which delay the recovery of the entire cosmetic surgery process.

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Post-operative Five Stars Service

2- Prepare to take time off from work and stress. It is ideal avoid stress. It is ideal that your surgery coincides with vacation time so that you don’t’ worry and relax. By enjoying your post-operative period everything will be able to flow better.

3- Relax, stay busy and don’t try to rush your recovery period.  Dust off those books, download some Kindles, and even reserve those Netflix seasons you haven’t had a chance to watch. Calm is the best of friends for your post-operative period.

4- Take the opportunity to start a new cycle of natural and healthy diets. It is important that if you decided to undergo a major change in your life such as cosmetic surgery, you take this change as a starting point for a major change to improve your lifestyle.

5- Drink lots of water, your body needs hydration to recover. Water helps replace fluids lost in the surgical process.

6- The Sun is another latent threat, it is not advisable to expose yourself to burns that can damage your skin or tissues. Remember that you may be wearing compression garments. Exposing yourself to the sun can cause you to sweat unnecessarily which increases dehydration.

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7- Finally, let yourself be helped. It is time to let others show how much they appreciate you. Be patient and trust your surgeon. Take the time to get back on your feet and show that new you, feeling more secure and ready to face life.

Our commitment is to offer you the best possible recovery options: in an environment of guaranteed care and comfort, close to our facilities, and with the possibility of having your own car to move within a range of five miles.

Call us today to ask about available recovery options!

Contact us today to ask about available recovery options!

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