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Plastic Surgery in Miami is a phenomenon that has been progressing steadily, incorporating technological advances into its daily practice. The use of new technologies that are less invasive and with shorter recovery periods is a global trend driven by growing user confidence.

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The last decade has driven the adoption of new technologies in the field of Plastic Surgery in Miami. The high volume of interventions that are carried out each year in Miami makes them seek better and faster results, through the use of advanced technologies. A few years ago, patients who were seeking Miami plastic surgery due to the popularity of surgery prices and influence of advertising, such as dr Miami, stilldoubted whether to undergo lengthy reconstructive procedures, largely because of the side effects. Today theconfidence of cosmetic surgery patientshas been restored, thanks to the incorporation of new technologies that aim to minimize the degree of invasiveness and shorten the recovery period from plastic surgery. In addition, patients flock to Miami for the plastic surgery specials and the opportunity to stay in a recovery house, changing the outlook on surgery in Miami. Indeed, everything has changed, from Laser to Ultrasonic procedures, from the way patients see plastic surgery, to how they look at the end of the procedures.

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The improvement in the quality of life causes the rate of Plastic Surgery procedures in Miami to skyrocket. Women and Men from all over the world are increasingly willing to undergo cosmetic surgery treatments in the city of Miami. This Is due to Miami’s strategic place on the Global Map, in part ensured by the high levels of surgery professionals who converge on the city and the benevolent climate. Miami is a city with sunshine all year round, which can combine undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure and a short recovery vacation. This is the magic of Miami plastic surgery; it materializes in a city capable of offering what everyone is looking for: a little attention.

Cosmetic Surgery in Miami

Miami is a city of confluence. A city where several immigrant cultures intersect in the city. On the one hand, North-South emigration, an emigration related especially to better climate and, on the other, South-North immigration related to better economic conditions. These characteristics make it a place where trends are set very easily. 2018 was the year of breast implant surgery for breast augmentation, followed by liposuction treatment, blepharoplasty (eye surgery) and rhinoplasty. These numbers fell as much as four percent while breast implant removal rose 15% largely thanks to the (voluntary) exit from the market of a major brand of textured breast implants. In 2021 the Miami plastic surgery trend is a little more natural. Patients seek to further enhance their curves and shapes, maintaining an aesthetic relationship with their natural forms. This is the year of the Brazilian Butt Lift, which has become very fashionable due to the relocation of one’s own body fat. Another defining detail of what will set a trend is the combination of procedures thanks to the “plastic surgery specials.” This Is very common among the various clinics that offer their services in the city and the use of new technologies that significantly shorten recovery times and discomforts from long recovery periods. VASER liposuction is an example of using ultrasound technology and vibrations to break the bonds between fat cells and loosen them from deeper tissues so that fat can be removed more effectively. This type of procedure, unlike traditional liposuction, is a softer and more controlled type of procedure and allows a shorter recovery with less pain. It can be combined with other procedures to obtain better results in fewer visits to the clinic. Fewer trips to the clinic means lower costs and a more pleasant user experience. Miami’s surgery professional is one who is on the forefront of innovation and technology. For this reason, as patients search for plastic surgery, Miami stays at the top of their lists.

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Plastic Surgery in Miami continues to incorporate new technologies to meet this broad demand and consumer needs. Technology such as J-Plasma Skin Tightening, a technology that allows to tighten the skin in multiple areas of the body without the need to cut or remove excess skin with a shorter recovery. J-Plasma is a revolutionary way to rejuvenate areas such as the face, neck, and many other parts of the body and is the ideal complement to procedures such as Liposuction and Abdominal Operations.

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Odaysi Pérez

Zion Plastic Surgery. CEO

“Technology is everything”… comments Odaysi Pérez, CEO of Zion Plastic Surgery “whether on your face or on your body everyone wants more firmness and a contoured profile. That is why I always look for the latest procedures for my patients, because they [my patients] tend to be, in general, very informed of what they want to do and how. ”

If we were to highlight a characteristic of Plastic Surgery in Miami, this would be the accelerated incorporation of new technologies to achieve a better user experience and better visible results. A few years ago we would not have imagined the number of procedures that are now in common use in plastic surgery in Miami and the way in which they speed up the recovery and removal of scars.

The Future of Cosmetic Surgery

The future of cosmetic surgery is an encouraging future; there is no going back, and although many things have changed, others have not, such as the need to feel and look young. Every day men and women assume that they will live longer and with a better quality of life. Aesthetics is no longer an option, but vital in their life projections. Today many men and women want a cosmetic enhancement that looks natural, is safe, and painless, with a reasonable level of discretion and without a lengthy recovery process. And that is what cosmetic surgery in Miami offers, access to high level technological procedures with short and medium term results with few side effects. Of course, it will be up to you to do your own research and select the best Miami plastic surgeons to put yourself in the best hands and achieve the expected results with the minimum investment.

Remember that the most profitable investment is the one you make in yourself.

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