Arm and Leg Surgery

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If you are unhappy with the way your Arms and Legs look, it may be time to consider treatment. Cosmetic surgery for arms and legs is a straightforward process that works to lift and reshape, giving you the shape you have always dreamed of.

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) is a procedure that works to reduce the amount of sagging skin and excess fat from your upper arm, leaving it more toned so that you can wear what you want without embarrassment.

It is also a popular procedure with people that have been on a weight loss journey. If you have lost significant amounts of weight, you may have been left with excess and loose skin that looks unsightly and forces you to cover up even when you don’t want to; arm lift surgery solves this problem quickly and easily.

Leg Lift Surgery

Leg lift surgery is another excellent solution for anyone who has lost a lot of weight and is left with excess skin. If your thighs are sagging or need reshaping to fit your new look body, this is a great surgery option.

We remove the excess skin, recontour the area, and leave you with shapely legs that look great in swimwear, underwear, and any tight-fitting outfit that you may have previously avoided.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery for Arms and Legs?

Before entering into cosmetic surgery, you should ensure that you are in good health and have the time needed to recover successfully. Some of the things we suggest make you an ideal candidate include:
• Having loose or hanging skin on your arms and/or legs
• Having aging skin that is no longer plump and firm
• Having gone through a period of weight loss and being at your ideal weight
• Being in optimum health
• Being a non-smoker and not taking drugs
• Having a realistic understanding of the surgery and what it will do for you

Arm and Leg Surgery

Will I Be Left With Unsightly Scarring?

Many people put off treatment because they worry that they will end up with scarring that looks unpleasant and ugly. With both arm and leg surgery, the incisions made are done in areas that will not result in scars that stop you from showing off your new look. Arm lifts typically require a small incision in your armpit, whereas there are a few locations for potential incisions with leg lifts.

When you book your free evaluation with Zion, you can discuss incisions and find out where there may be scarring and what it will look like. We are confident that you will be shocked at just how small the scars will be!

How Long Does It Take To Recover From These Surgeries?

Every patient is different and will heal at their own speed. This is because the surgery process is the same, but each patient has individual needs that have to be met to complete the perfect arm and leg surgery.

In reality, you will need to be ready to take up to two weeks off work after surgery to give your body time to heal and to allow your swelling and bruising to go down. Your physician will discuss your individual requirements with you and make recommendations for rest and recovery that you can follow at home.

Arm and Leg Surgery

How Much Will It Cost?

When you choose Zion for your complete arm and leg lift surgery, you can expect to pay around $1800 for your treatment package. To make your life easier, we can typically add these treatments into any other packages you are completing with us; just ask our team, and they will confirm this for you.

This low priced treatment gives outstanding results and leaves both your arms and legs looking more shapely, firm, and youthful. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look great and feel fantastic.

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