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Women of different ages decide to opt for breast surgery or a mammoplasty is after having one or more pregnancies.

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Breast Augmentation and Self-confidence.

Age is also another enemy factor of natural and firm breasts, the older a woman turns, the greater degree of firmness her breasts will lose. Many older women decide to have breast augmentation surgery in order to add a youthful touch to their figure. Every day there are cases of women with asymmetric breasts, one of the breasts larger than the other, and they cannot hide the asymmetry with either special bras or wide clothing, the best solution is surgery.
Any woman in this situation is a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. Volumizing breasts are a historical symbol of femininity and synonymous with being an adult, attractive, healthy and fertile woman.

Breast implant in Miami

Many women have countless reasons for wanting to undergo a breast implant. A study reveals that whatever the reason for that decision, women who have had their breasts augmented in an operating room gained self-confidence and saw their image improve greatly after looking in the mirror again. The before and after effect has a unique and exclusive value.
When a woman gets the breasts she wants, she gets physical benefits by looking and feeling beautiful, but she also gets mental benefits, since her happiness will be much greater than when her breasts were not what she wanted.

What should you know about breast implants?

Breast implant surgery has been performed since the 1960’s. It is a type of operating room procedure that is highly studied, safe and increasingly used by women who decide to improve their appearance. This surgery is unique for each woman. There are two types of breast implants: silicone implant and saline implant. There are also two possible locations, above or below the muscle, and the location of the scar can vary. After your case is meticulously examined in detail, we will follow the right path based on your objectives and your body structure.

What should you know about breast implants?

Recovery after Breast Augmentation.

While the patient is in the recovery phase after breast reconstruction, periodic monitoring will be done. The patient should wear an elastic bandage or a support bra during the healing process. By using one of these two options to support the breasts, there will be less swelling after surgery. Our team of surgeons and doctors will indicate the procedures to follow while the healing process is active. Depending on the type of work the patient has and how comfortable she feels after the surgical intervention, it is normal that in a few days she can return to her job with total normality. After these first days, the patient will also be able to develop her daily habits and activities without any problem. Our experience tells us that you will be delighted with the results of your breast surgery.

Mamography in Miami

For both Florida residents and people who plan to travel here shortly, we would love to schedule an appointment so we can answer any questions you may have about breast augmentation. You can contact (305) 309-9466 today. We will help you reach your aesthetic goals, resulting in shapely breasts so that you have a full, happy and safe life.

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